Finally a half day off

Well, the weather isn’t that great at the moment…but I’m still very happy to have a half day off.  I had a Munich Highlights walking tour this morning, which turned out to be 10 people…americans, indians, australians…and a few that live in Munich, CLAIM to be from Chicago, but definately sound like they’re from Russia or some eastern european country…if they’re “from”chicago, then my name’s Phil.

Anyways…not a bad tour, I was just damn happy it didn’t rain.

Yesterday I was supposed to have a (2-hour) city tour as well, but I traded up for a Neuschwanstein tour, which of course is more money, but it’s also over 10 hours of work.  …and the forcast was for rain all day…turns out it only rained about 30 min of the day, so it was pretty nice.

When I got home today, I uploaded the rest of the pics from our trip to Rome…and some other random ones from my phone from this month.

That reminds me, I’ll try to write my “monthly update” for friends and family today…which is sorta like this, but without the fluff. *cough*

Petra bought me a few books, so I think I’ve got a lot of reading to do…it’ll probably take me the rest of the year at my usual rate, haha.  Anyways, here’s what I’ll be reading next: (by the way, you can buy these from amazon at my associate store, here: )

  1. Planes, Trains, & Elephants by Brian Thacker
  2. No Shitting in the Toilet (the travel guide for when you’ve really lost it) by Peter Moore
  3. The Naked Man Festival (and other excuses to fly around the world) by Brian Thacker
  4. The Wrong Way Home (London to Sydney the hard way) by Peter Moore

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