Moving, but just to the other end of the building

First off, I’d like to say that yes I will be continuing the series on Vienna, I just took a break for no apparent reason…which slid into an actual reason.  The reason for the last week for no posts was that we’ve been moving…and since we have a LOT of crap, it takes quite a lot of work.  I’m writing this while I still have no internet access.  However, later today I should be able to upload this since we have a UMTS stick that will give us internet access while we wait for a cable connection.

That’s right, we’re ditching DSL and going to cable.  When I moved to Germany (to Seefeld for a couple years), we got DSL through T-online (Deutsche telecom), it took them nearly 6 weeks to hook it up.  When I moved to Munich, we decided to switch to one of the new offers that were MUCH faster than we had before and yet about 1/3 the price. We went to a company called m-net.  That took over 9 weeks to hook up because T-online control all the DSL lines and have to hand them to the other companies as slow as they can physically do it.  SO, that brings us to the current move where we decided to try the only other option, so that T-online has nothing to do with it, and that is cable (Kabel Deutschland).  However, since our building isn’t hooked up to cable yet, they said it would take 2+ weeks to hook up…if this is true, they’re still the fastest option!  Anyways, for half the money we were paying we’re going from 16mbit to 32mbit and so we should be happy once it’s connected.

To get us through the couple week wait, this UMTS stick should do the trick, it’s a lil expensive, but at least I can stay connected…the last time (the 9+ week wait), I nearly went insane (arguably I have gone insane, but really, it is debatable).

So, we moved…the new apartment is in the same building, though. It’s about 30 square meters bigger than our last place, which means we have a 2nd (small) bedroom for guests.  More importantly, we not have space for a DISHWASHER!  For anyone that has our old address, the new one is the same without the B.

[Listening to Angelic Upstarts‘s album Blood On The Terraces]

(I happen to be going to the Angelic Upstarts show tonight, so this is fitting)

EDIT: this was written yesterday, April 1st.  I didn’t get online long enough to post this, apparently.   I’ll post pics of the new apartment in a couple days.  It’s Petra’s birthday weekend, that’s my new excuse, work with me here…

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