Almost Christmas, I can’t wait

Christmas in Munich is a busy time.  Christmas in Salzburg is a busy time.  Therefore, I’ve been busy and quite frankly over-run with tourists.  At least on the days that I have tours.  Since it’s the winter, I’m only working half the time…although I think we actually have easily enough tourists to have tours every day.  It’s not my call…so oh well.

On my days that I’ve had free of course I’ve gone downtown past the Christmas markets, but since I’m not interested in buying overpriced Christmas ornaments, I just take pictures and walk on.  Last week I took a few pictures, so I might as well let you take a peek as well:

These first few were taken at Marienplatz, if you’ve ever been to Munich, I’m sure you recognize it…

This next one is of a very cheesy middle ages market that is located right around the corner from Odeonsplatz

Now, I know what many of you are thinking:  where’s the snow?  well, it’s generally too warm for snow in Munich.  We get snow, yes…but it doesn’t tend to stay very long (certainly not in December).  In the last seven years there has never been snow on the ground in Munich on Christmas eve.  The temperature right now is above freezing and it’s 8pm…so…what we have at the moment, which is very little, is melting….I’m pretty certain it will be gone by Christmas.  Tomorrow I have a Neuschwanstein tour and it looks like rain even down there…or an ugly mix….good times.

That being said, I’m spending Christmas about an hour outside of Munich …and there’s usually snow there.

Good luck on your travels, wherever you’re going for Christmas!

[Listening to Die Toten Hosen from the album Ertrinken]

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