Christmas Markets are booming

The christmas markets were interesting to me when I first came to Germany. In fact, my first two trips to this country were over the christmas holidays and so I was able to visit several christmas markets. Other than the mulled wine, I’m not a fan at all.

These days it means something completely different to me, of course. As a tour guide, the number of English speaking tourists dramatically goes up and it’s back to peak season numbers for a few weeks. What this means for my Salzburg tours is that I don’t enjoy them (the tourists don’t either, I honestly don’t understand how anyone could). What this means for tourists actually trying to see the sights is that it is nearly impossible (there’s just too many people…WAY too many people). Good times.

I dunno, it’s probably also the fact that it’s steadily getting colder this time of year and so it is usually hovering just a bit above freezing and pouring rain…so that of course means fun for all, right?

Random notes:

The christmas tree in Salzburg is way more impressive than the one in Munich,
The christmas market in Munich is WAY nicer in my opinion because there’s 10x less people.
If you want a more authentic market, I’d suggest Landshut.

[Listening to: The Hockey Song – D.O.A. – Kings Of Punk, Hockey And Beer (2:09)]

And completely unrelated, but true: For a guy known to many as “NOFX Mike”, I’m really hating Fat Wreck lately.

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