Middle of the summer

It still does not feel like summer’s fully hit, but technically I’m over the hump already.  The idea of July is miserable for a tour guide.  This last month, though, went by relatively painlessly.  There’s been all kinds of complications as far as trains/buses/beers, but in the end everyone got to see what they wanted, got home safely, and were happy…and that’s all that matters.

It’s been mainly just back and forth between Neuschwanstein and Salzburg.  I’m looking into creating a new tour, starting as early as possible really.  Right now I’m thinking of having a short test-run during the Christmas markets.  Most people go to Nuremberg and Salzburg for the chirstmas markets, neither of which I would recommend because of how commercial they are and also how HORRIBLE the crowds can be.  I’m thinking of offering an alternative.

This weekend is my birthday, so I’ll be heading down south, to Venice, for a few days.  I’ve made a list of the things we “need” to see…but today I should probably look into the costs of the things.  Every trip we take we end up with a complete cost break-down…and it’s interesting, in my opinion, to have a look at.

Anyways, it’s my day off…I think I’m going to try to relax for at least a couple hours.

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