Things that annoy the hell out of me on a daily basis

Every day here in Munich I’m annoyed by the same things. Here are a few of them.

Germans, no matter their age, have a real problem with figuring out an escalator.

First off, when I’m on my way to work in the mornings I usually take the left hand side of the escalator and walk up, which is what everyone on the left hand side does. The problem is that Germans get scared shitless when they get about 10 steps from the top and they just STOP. I’ve seen this phenomenon many times with people of all ages and it makes no sense to me at all. I can continue walking up WHILE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME and have no problems, so umm…why the hell are they so scared?

Second, every day I see someone (again, I’ve seen it with everyone from the elderly to kids) standing at the end of the escalator pushing the LIGHT BULB trying to get the escalator to change direction. I literally see this daily. These are not buttons, they’re lights.

Queuing: Germans don’t do lines.
It’s amazing to me the balls on these bastards and the extreme contempt they have for people who do things in an orderly fashion. And this in Germany? It doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.

Barely English-speaking Germans on the trains who insist that they need to help me, while I’ve done it 300x, and THEY’VE SEEN ME BEFORE. Bad memory? Maybe. This happens all the time and it annoys me to no end.

*sigh* I just needed to vent a little. There are several more, but I feel relieved already so I’ll stop now. Have a good one.

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2 thoughts on “Things that annoy the hell out of me on a daily basis

  1. Sands

    They stop halfway the escalators perhaps only in the long/deep ones. I’ve never noticed this.

    The light thing is funny though. I have seen many old ladies doing this in Munich. The first time I saw that, I went checked it – whether it could have a sensor or something. 🙂


  2. NOFXmike Post author

    It’s definitely not the long ones that’s the problem, I’ve seen it on escalators of all lengths…and it’s no where near halfway, it’s just 5-10 steps from the top. They see the top, get scared, and I half expect them to start back-peddling.

    Have a good one


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