Salzburg in April 2009 … also, a great new lunch option for guides!

Today I’m sitting here with all the windows open, sweating a bit, soaking up the sun. It’s a beautiful day in Munich. Last week I had a couple tours to Salzburg and had similar days there (a little colder than today, but not much). In the winter I tend to hibernate indoors reading books while the tourists are running through their sights. However, with the beautiful weather…I tend to just walk around most of the time. On recent tours I hiked up the Kapuzinerberg for a great view over the city as well as a good place to just enjoy the weather in peace. Here are some pics from last week.

With this first one, can anyone tell me what type of tree this is?

For lunch, I’ve gone to a new place called Frauenberger’s burger corner. Frauenberger’s isn’t anything new, but their burger corner which is self-serve with a great terrace area on Linzer gasse, is a great location. Their burgers are 5 euros each and are pretty damn big. Below I have pics first of Frauenberger’s burger corner which I’ll be eating lunch at quite often I figure.  (please read the edit below the pictures)

EDIT:  I had one very negative experience here…but after a few e-mails to the management, it seems to have been an isolated incident and I’m willing to give it another shot.

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