Answers for those coming to Munich in the Winter

I keep getting the same questions, so here’s a few answers to common questions:

(some of these are general questions not just winter-only)

Yes, Neuschwanstein is open, it only closes three days a year…Christmas day, 2nd Christmas day, and New Years day. However, the bridge that you most likely want to take photos from is closed between Nov 15 and April 15th, in general (nothing set in stone, if there’s decent weather for long enough, things open). Right now, for example, you have to climb over three large barricades if you want to attempt to get to the bridge. The castle is open and is still definitely worth it, but I’d recommend coming back in the summer.

Yes, the Dachau memorial is open, they’re even open on Christmas.

Yes, Radius tours go year round, no matter what the weather.

Yes, I’ve done the tour in what Germans would call a blizzard. However, please understand that I’m from Minnesota and have a completely different idea of what a blizzard is than these whiners. Weather nearly never affects the tour timing at all.

No, I don’t think Ludwig II was crazy.

Sundays are the best days for museums in Munich as many of the museums are only 1 euro for entry and the city museum is free on Sundays.

NO stores are open on Sundays except if it is IN the main trainstation (Hauptbahnhof) or the airport.

If you haven’t gotten your seats reserved for Oktoberfest 2009 by now, you’re probably NOT going to get them. Good luck fighting for them with the rest of us.

Here’s a goofy picture of myself, Brendan, and Rick Steves.

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