Rick Steves in Munich

On Sunday the most famous tour guide in the world visited Munich…and Brendan invited me to be his tour guide. (well, we shared the duty, as Brendan is an expert on 3rd Reich and Jewish history, where as my focus has always been pre-world war)

Anyways, I grew up watching Rick Steves on TV on PBS and it was very exciting to see and meet him here in Munich. We spent a few hours walking around town going through his book making certain that everything was right and correcting any minor errors. (they were all minor)

I was very apprehensive about meeting him as although he seems very nice and pleasant on TV, I figured there was a 50% chance that he’d be the opposite off camera. I was wrong. He really is like he is on TV…and happy to accommodate the odd tourist who asks for an autograph or picture with him.

Keep buying those Rick Steves guide books, he really is a nice guy with enormous amounts of experience touring Europe.

Here are a couple pictures:

Rick Steves and I in Munich

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