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Recently I’ve been quite busy as always. Our wedding is coming up very soon (July 12th), and so of course we have to find rings, a dress, food, cakes, invitations, etc, etc. …and I’ll use that as an excuse as to why there is a slight lull here.

However, this summer is going to be exciting for anyone reading here as well as, of course, for myself. I’ll have guests staying here in July, which means I’ll be traveling all over the region and will hopefully have fun things to mention about that. In July, other than my wedding, I’ll have my mom and brother visiting so I’ll be doing tours which I normally don’t do around the area with them as well…and so that might be interesting. Then, in August Petra and I will be going to Paris and I’m sure I’ll have a ton to write about on that one.

Also, for www., I plan to write quite a number of articles to go along with the very randomness of my own blog here.

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