Summer schedule, my legs are a hurtin’

Lately I’ve been doing a bunch of Neuschwanstein tours and as of April 15th, we’re back on the summer schedule, which means the tours are an extra hour longer…and we go to the bridge overlooking Neuschwanstein and have a bit more time for everything really. Well, if you have a small group and no one with any real problem walking, then you can fit a lot in. Today the group even made its way up to Hohenschangau for a better look at it, as well…which is pretty rare, I don’t think I’ve had time to bring a group up there since October. In fact, usually the groups don’t have much extra time at all and it’s pretty non-stop just doing the Alpsee, the castle, the bridge, and possibly the gorge.

Anyways, my legs aren’t used to walking all the way up to the bridge, let alone all the way back down and over to Schloss Hohenschangau. I’ll get back into shape soon I’m sure. Tomorrow I’m heading over to Salzburg, but the trains might give me a headache as they’re working on the tracks between here and there.

Petra’s still in China…so I’m lonely…working and eating…working and eating. Had a good group today, hope I have similar tomorrow.

Here’s a pic of a jewelry box of Petra’s…I just love the name…rather fitting:

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