The best Döners in Munich

My former favorite döner place is finally open again!  For those visiting Munich on a budget, döner is your friend.  There are a few döner places that I visit fairly often, but the one I’ve been craving for over a year, “Ali baba” is finally open again.  They renovated the entire building including the helvetia hotel above it…which took well over a year.  Now it’s back and the döner is as good as ever…same workers, same mostly turkish customers.

The place makes their own bread, has spices on the tables, and has all fresh vegies.  Next time you’re near the main train station in Munich, stop by and try one…you will be damn impressed.

It’s on Schiller str, a 1 minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) of Munich. 

This is what a tour guide lives off of:


Ali Babas

SO damn good

5 thoughts on “The best Döners in Munich

  1. Nick

    I forgot about döners. Almost worth the trip to Germany just to eat these everyday in my opinion. With the beer too of course.

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