Happy day between the official and unofficial St. Patrick’s days day!

That’s right, it’s the day between the official St. Patrick’s day (according to the catholic church…and I believe they’re the authority on Saint’s days) which is the 15th this year (Saturday) and the unofficial St. Patrick’s day which is the 17th. So what does that mean for your favorite tour guide? Drinking guinness from Saturday through Monday, of course.

Don’t worry, we also have Bailey’s. (tried the mint chocolate one too…just tastes like bailey’s…oh well)

Anyways, Petra and I went down to Munich’s St. Paddy’s day parade which claims to be the biggest one on the continent. We took some pictures with petra’s phone, so I’ll put them below. The highlight was the brew master from Guinness speaking…he got the most applause out of anyone.

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