Hey everybody,

I need some help.  As you know it’s christmas time and of course my income takes a hit during the winter months…and, honestly, most of you aren’t giving me any christmas presents, so I thought of a way you could give me something without much work.

I’m in a contest that if I win I get $400 to spend on travel…let’s say to the states to visit friends and relatives.  I REALLY want to visit the states, it’s just so damn expensive.  I need to get about 20 people to sign up on and “subscribe” to my posts on Germany.  You can easily turn off e-mail notices, etc. so that it’s no hassle to you at all and only takes a few minutes.

If you plan on going to Germany, reading some of my tips might be a good idea too…

Anyways, go to: and sign up.  Then, go to my profile: and on the left hand side you should see a link to click to subscribe.  Don’t click the one that says “all postings” click the one on Germany, please.  Otherwise I don’t get credit 🙁

I really will win $400 if I get 20 of you to do this, so you can look at it as giving me like $20 each as a christmas present!  The contest ends January 6th…so please…

sign up

then, subscribe:

subscribe to my exploring Germany scout posts

For enlargement:

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