Rain, rain, and more rain.

So, it’s raining again today.  Apparently between June and August we had 441 liters of rain (normal is about 377 liters).  Since I’m walking around outside all day nearly every day…this can be a problem.

The odd thing is, this year has been better than last year, so I don’t even realize it.

Finally yesterday I had a group that didn’t suck.  What do I mean by that?  well…the last three all-day tours I had before rock-am-see were some of the most boring people I’ve ever met.  The group yesterday to Salzburg was much better…hell, they were even NICE, weird, I know. 

However, there was one supid guy, he KEPT insisting that he had a dunkel spaten, it was on the menu, and it was BARELY darker than a normal spaten.  He said it was not their festbier, it was a dunkel…and it was pretty damn bright.  All I’m saying is, FIND ME A DUNKEL: 


I was really trying to be nice by saying well maybe the translation was bad on the menu, or maybe the waiter/waitress didn’t hear him right when he said dunkel because then they would have said, oh, spaten doesn’t MAKE a dunkel….*Sigh*…I really tried….  Anyways, he was a nice guy, and if he didn’t bring it up that he didn’t like Spaten’s dark beer…then he would have not gotten a mention here…but…here’s your sign, guy from South Carolina (ok, to be fair he’s originally from PA)

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