Salzburg with Petra & Susann

Well, today was a weird one for me.  Petra and her friend Susann decided to go with me to Salzburg, which means it’s a weird one.  Petra and I had been together in Salzburg only once before and that was well over a year ago…in the spring…trying to see everything in a day.  This time, she took my city tour and got to see and hear something new. 

We also did the castle, which I hadn’t been up to for a good year as well…but apparently nothing has changed…I still love that castle. (by the castle, of course I mean Hohensalzburg)

We had lunch at an Irish bar in Salzburg….the Shamrock, which was an interesting experience, the barman was seriously hungover and was very vocal about it. My cheeseburger was a bit burnt…the bun was black.  Not bad though.

Two of the guys on my tour, from Dublin, were there for a quick drink too….very odd.  So to finish off the day right, after the tour we went with Susann to Ned Kelly’s Australian bar in Munich for some kangaroo.  Good stuff….we like skippy.

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