City tour & visiting puppies

Well, today I just had a city tour of Munich, which means I’ve got at least half the day to attempt to relax…didn’t work today.

The tour itself went great, had a couple kiwis, a couple scots, a russian, and a couple dutch on the tour…though the glockenspiel is not being nice lately.  We definately were early enough, and waited for it to start for 2-3 min, then it started…but it had skipped the best part (you know…with the knights…and if you don’t know, come to Munich…)…anyways, they only got 1/3rd of the show, in my opinion…oh well.

So, after that Petra and I went out to her Aunt’s place to check out their 2 week old puppies….they were damn cute.  We ended up biking and feeding all sorts of animals…and petting a pig for a while.

Go figure.

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