First real post

Hello everyone, this is the first of many posts I’ll make to this site.  Let me explain.  For months I’ve been writing monthly updates for friends and family which include what I’ve been up to.  The thing is, nearly on a daily basis someone tells me I should write a book…easier said than done.  One thing which is much easier to do is write a little here whenever I’m home.  So I would expect this to include all kinds of random things such as how recent tours go, people I’ve met, maybe some statistics, beer reviews, or really…whatever’s on my mind.

The first version of this site is very unprofessional, mainly because everything I can think to do with it would just make it more cluttered.  However, if you want to help with the design, send me an e-mail, I’d appreciate it.  Currently I have no plans for anything that would require someone with a slow internet connection to swear at me….though that does sound appealing sometimes. (the swearing, not the content)

I will be adding some advertisements.  Why?  Well…tour guiding is great fun and I meet hundreds of people every year from all over the world…but it doesn’t pay that great.  If the ads on this page pay for setting up the site, then I’ll be happy.  If I actually MAKE money off of this site I’ll be amazed.

So, anyways…Petra and I recently took a trip to Rome, I’ve been pretty slow on posting the pictures from the trip, partly because the deadline that I set for myself was the monthly e-mail update…which is at the end of the month.  However, I’ve posted the first few days on photobucket, so you can go there and have a look:  My photos

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